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Jul 26, 2019
working women’s hostel in Gurgaon
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There is a fair share of women workforce in India i.e. a staggering 125 million. This means that women have to go outside their home for work. In India, this bargain is like a Faustian Pact. Despite the fact that women work, it is expected from them that they do chores also. A working women is not having the liberty to have some time for leisure. The allegories presented by the advertisements, portraying Indian women as a multi-tasking machine having 10 hands working simultaneously and catering to everyone’s needs, puts unnecessary pressure on Indian women. Even Aristotle, the great philosopher aka patriarchal, held a derogatory view for women. C’mon, this is totally unacceptable from my end, at least. I have every right to be lazy and foster no interest in doing chores.

Generally, families start training their girls in household work when they reach puberty. This is done to make sure that by the time they reach marriageable age, they could fit into the mold of ‘grih karya mai daksh kanya’. Not only this, they are even expected to top their exams. I feel like giving a standing ovation to the society! But, times are changing. Women are becoming empowered and aware. They are now taking their rightful place and breaking the boundaries of hearth and home.  They are moving out to cities to pay heed to their careers. But, In India, nothing comes for free for women. It is nearly impossible to live a dignified life and stay at a safe and secure place.

Minest working women’s hostel in Gurgaon takes care of your every need. There is no need of taking care of dirty utensils, soiled laundry and dusty window panes. You don’t have to take tension for these. At Minest Gurgaon girls pg, live free to chase your dreams and set examples. There is no worry in taking night shifts, if you board at Minest. It is five minutes’ walk away from Unitech Cyber Park, making it most desired location for working women. Take the reins of your decisions in your hands. No one has to do that for you. The time is gone when single women were judged upon having a male friend as a guest or talking to them.

There is no meaning of living when you are not all hale and hearty. You can never focus on your career and realize your full potential if you have to work at home after office. At some point of time, person is just a machine passing days doing its monotonous work. Experience Minest Co-living and we promise there would be no pg else you would ever want to board. For the night is dark and full of terrors! Its dangerous also. But, at Minest working women’s hostel in Gurgaon people relax and enjoy rather nag landlords for untimely power-cuts or high rates of electricity.

Millennial usually complain about meals and lack of fitness. You follow a proper routine, when at home. It gets disturbed completely when one leaves it and comes to big cities in search of jobs. This is harder for working women, given the plight of circumstances today. There are security and privacy concerns which are at highest priority. Minest Gurgaon girls pg doesn’t compromise on terms of security. Our co-living spaces are installed with smartest generation 4-tier security systems to ensure that you see wonderful dreams in your sleep uninterrupted.

“What is this life if full of care

We have no time to stand and stare”


These lines are so fit to describe today’s fast pacing life. But, it is also true that time is always short for those who waste it. We value your precious time. For that, at Minest Gurgaon girls pg provide you salon for taking your personal care and give you exclusive services. You are thus, saved from running here and there in search of a good salon and wait for your appointment. You can achieve any height if your mind is calm and composed. Minest also has yoga and reading spaces so that you can clear your head and stop your mind’s chatter. We want you to realize the true purpose of your existence and not just exist.

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