Jul 26, 2019
Live free and live young!
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There is no match for the vacillation which we face when we have to move out of the cozy and protected environment of our home. But, it may play out to be something else entirely!

The new found freedom from the restrictions of home strikes our inner self. We start to think like a king endowed with the wish of ruling the whole realm. People start to try new things which they have never experienced. Some turn out to be very pleasant – like MiNest coliving!

Without a stable and comfortable home, we may do things which we regret afterwards. We might face difficulties in connecting with others. There are various trust issues and insecurities that surround us. In hard times, everything seems like a black hole gaping and waiting for you to get engulfed.

If you feel anything like what is described above, it is just a phase of life and it will pass. Experience is the best teacher you could ever get. Despite the lessons being hard, we learn everything by heart. Be it the first guitar you brought, or riding a bike, or going out without warmers in chilling weather, you will always get an adrenaline rush while thinking about these.

Then we realize that with freedom comes the great responsibility which you owe to this society, your family and yourself. You could only enjoy this phase of life if you don’t have to worry for silly and non-productive things like power cuts and searching for a maid.

Minest single room for rent in Gurgaon eliminates many of your responsibilities for you. It gives you a chance to live your life to the fullest. We understand the needs of a youngster millennial like yourself, searching not just for shelter and food; rather, homely meals, classy décor, privacy and peace of mind.

To find a good single room in Gurgaon could be very tiring and futile. It is likely that you may not find a place for your liking. It may happen that you have a safe, secure and good place to reside but, unfortunately, there is no one for you to talk and share your thoughts and happiness. Keeping that in mind, MiNest coliving provides game rooms and reading rooms catering to the social needs of the youth. You too can learn and give new ideas.

Many coliving partners are new to this modern lifestyle and find it very hard to adjust initially. MiNest, near Unitech Cyber Park, Gurgaon, is a perfect bonding place for new comers to this urban city.

Earlier, social gatherings were the only places where people came together to talk about their businesses. It was a common belief that a merry environment around the dining table gets the best out of a person. Now, people seldom participate in the lives of others, shedding the threads of social culture. We are certain that people living in our care will reach celestial heights in their careers, and all the more become a cultivated person who would contribute to the society. Living together, listening to your fellow MiNesters’ cheers and woes makes sure that you retain feelings of empathy in your heart. It feels good to help others and it’s even better to feel obliged.

MiNest’s single room in Gurgaon gives you the calm that you need. We respect your privacy concerns and provide solitude seekers the right place to gather their thoughts. One always needs support and companionship from everyone, and MiNest is where people find each other to streamline their thoughts.

In the growing wave of individualism, the problem for private spaces is the elephant in the room. For lack of resources and simple aloofness, one can’t find a proper place minus interference of others. Life never waits for anyone. This phase would come and go. MiNest wants this part of your life to be very pleasant and hassle free. Make your rhapsodies worth sharing and turn your worst nightmares into sweet dreams at our place. We care for you as your family undoubtedly would.

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