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How to Select your Coliving/PG Homes in Gurgaon

Oct 23, 2019
How to Select your Coliving/PG Homes in Gurgaon
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Young corporate professionals staying away from their hometowns for the first time often get carried away by the lofty promises made by unorganized Coliving/PG Operators in Gurgaon. Young professionals often do not have the experience to identify the most appropriate facility for themselves and end up getting disheartened within few days of staying at a new Coliving/PG Facility.

Room amenities alone should not be the most important criterion for your selection. This article identifies the key criteria that could help such professionals choose their new coliving/PG facility objectively and rationally.



  • Proximity to your Workplace: Your coliving home should ideally be located at 15-20 minutes commuting time from your workplace. Various research studies have indicated that daily long commute time is the single biggest reason for the burnout of corporate professionals.


  • Proximity to Public Transport: You need efficient public transport not only to go to your office but also to go for shopping, to meet and invite friends over, in emergency, etc. Your coliving space merely close to your office is not a sufficient criterion. It should also be easily accessible by public transport hubs like Huda Metro station, public bus stops, etc.
  • Proximity to Social Hangout places: All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Folks, you should work hard but enjoy hard too. So choose your coliving facility in the heart of town, near to social hangout places even if it is a tad expensive. Hanging out with friends especially during the weekends will make you rejuvenate for the next week of hard work.



Young corporate professionals overlook this very important criteria while choosing their PG/Coliving accommodation in their attempt to save on rentals. Nothing can be more important than you own personal safety. Please check out for installation of fire safety devices, automated access control systems, CCTV Cameras and profile of the other residents in the facility.



Metro life in Gurgaon is full of stress. The air quality of Gurgaon, especially in winter months, deteriorate to intolerable levels leading to decreased immunity level in the human body to fight against bacteria. Poor hygiene standards in your coliving facility makes you vulnerable to catch air and water borne diseases since your immunity level is already low due to factors beyond your control. So, choose your PG Facility carefully keeping their hygiene standards in mind. Ask relevant questions from their sales staff and insist on personal inspection of washrooms and other common areas before you choose the facility.

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