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Fallacy of your 20s

Oct 11, 2019
Pranay Dugur
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In contrast to the most sought-after notion of having a great social life, being surrounded by like-minded people and having the time of your life, the time after college is when loneliness is at its peak.

Money problems, career stumbles and romance might not go your way? These can be dealt with, but loneliness is a major issue that is prevalent in the young professionals and millennials. The onslaught of social media has made it worse, with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat acting as the highlight reels of people’s lives, which has made youngsters feel even more lost and left behind.

In crucial times when people need to define themselves with the kind of life they want to live, when they have this huge surge of energy and opportunities, and when they can afford to go out and make mistakes and learn, they are usually stuck in their rooms.This coupled with the fright of being stigmatized as lonely makes them retreat into themselves and feel lonelier.

Sociologists have considered three conditions or catalysts, which are crucial to friend-making: proximity, repeated or unplanned interactions and settings that encourage people to let their guard down. Co-living, a modern form of housing, where residents share living space, common interests and ideas, and value things like openness, collaboration, social networking and shared economy, can champion this problem.

MiNest Co-living understands the importance of networking, interactions, health and hygiene, and space. With best-in-class amenities like an in-house Business Centre, a Gym and Yoga Terrace, networking sessions with Industry Experts and Spacious rooms, MiNest aims to house young professionals and students, who value a good lifestyle and are ready to embrace this new way to live!

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