7 Reasons why millennials are looking for coliving

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7 Reasons why millennials are looking for coliving

Mar 18, 2020
7 Reasons why millennials are looking for coliving
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1. Coliving is a new trend today. It’s a youth oriented “No broker, No brokerage” funda. Living by yourself is a trend today. Because it shows the world how independent are you! Not only socially, but also it has certain personal benefits when you get to do your things without being told what to. You are your own boss! About a third of the workforce works at home and that means that there is a good chance you could use some peace and quiet to focus on your job. You get connected to the pulse of what’s happening. You become the contribution to the community.

2. Unlike just another pg in Gurgaon that charges monthly rent, co living apartments is much more than that, its  about building community, comfort and convenience for the residents. More like a family. You get to meet new friends and business contacts out of your circle. Being part of a large, diverse group gives you many opportunities to get advice from people who’ve gone through it all. What to do. What not to do.

3.   All the petty chores are taken care of by the staff, the youth that works 9 to 5 and getting home back to chores done or doing it yourself. You get to nag on nobody especially when you come back to your clothes lying on the bed. It is your choice. You get to choose what you.

4.   People connect more closely here than socially, with people of different professions, millennials all together in one community is a chance to build network and more connections. People interact with people of different culture, countries. People talk, share their ideas and thoughts with each other that creates a sense of motivation among the people. Coliving is a new concept of friends and family, living together, sharing food, occasional outings with people from different regions and religions. It creates a sense of unity and equality, which is what the new generation is bonding on.

5.  Prioritizing convenience and flexibility, comfort and luxury under good finances. It is inexpensive because the resident buys all the amenities with the services in the very beginning. From the gym to sweeping and mopping floor, so eventually the effective cost would be lesser comparatively. Meals served at your convenient timings.

6.  Discovering true freedom. Want to sleep in on Sunday? Feel like walking around in your  night suit on a Wednesday? Want to binge watch your favourite program on Tuesday? When you live alone, you get to do what you want, when you want and how you want  without having to think about what anyone else thinks about it. Becoming more       independent. Living by yourself is an opportunity to get to know yourself a little better away from the curious gazes of siblings and their judgments.

7.  You’ll learn new skills- Never set up Netflix or fixed a broken door? Maybe you have never   paid a bill or balanced a checking account. When you live alone in your own castle, you will discover that the king is the king and the  queen is the queen because they are the masters of all the trades needed to manage the kingdom – even if that kingdom is       just a one-room apartment with a fantastic view

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